Bootcamp and so much more


This 30-minute gut-wrenching session is a down and dirty way to get lean, build strength and ground your power. Led by trainers and pain engineers Tiffany Coolidge & Leeanne Nowicki, CORE absolutely does a body good. Add it to another workout and plus up your fitness routine.


These well-balanced, 60- or 90-minute sessions combine bootcamp and yoga into one class.  Fusion gives you a beast of a workout in bootcamp for the first half, then finishes strong with toning and stretching in the yoga studio for the rest. Downward dog never hurt so good.


This 30-minute session is the fastest way to the puke bucket. Learn from former NCAA track and field athlete Leeanne Nowicki as she puts you through challenges and exercises used by the pros that will increase your speed, agility and power. Run on in, limp on out.


This 50-minute session will have you eating bullets in your bread. Led by 5280 Magazine’s 2013 Top of Town Personal Trainer Tiffany Coolidge, these sessions are designed for anyone looking to compete in Crossfit, endurance races, professional fights or train for military, police or fire enlistment. These bootcamp-style classes will test your endurance and strength and luckily we grade on a curve. But for these advanced classes, potential fire breathers must get pre-authorization from a trainer or their mother to participate.


A new twist on our popular bootcamp! This intense, fun and exciting style of training will challenge the body and heart to peak performance. Feed off the energy of others to achieve your goals!


Get shred-ready while preventing injury. Our 50-minute class focuses on building core strength, functional strength, and proper alignment so your body is pumped for the ski/snowboard season.


Train in both Hard style and Sport style kettlebell training plus master the benefits of suspension training.  Learn techniques that will improve your strength as well as your cardiovascular system and core all in one workout!

Best Personal Trainer 5280's Top of the Town 2013 Top 10 Denver's A-List Awards