Bootcamp and so much more


When it comes to workouts, this is our specialty. These 50-minute sessions vary by trainer, ensuring you never do the same workout twice. We even design custom birthday bootcamps for all of our clients. Careful what you wish for.


Learn to utilize various strength tools including the Barbell, kettle bells and your own bodyweight. If your interested in Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and kettle bell sport this class is for you.


Between a combination of light weights and plyometric training, his 30 minute high intensity interval training class will leave you sweating and satisfied.


Take your training to the next level with a class focused on building endurance and strength for mountain races, climbs, and high altitude endeavors. We’ll work on building core stability and lower body strength, then every month we’ll put our training to the test and tackle a 14er together. Let’s flex our mountain muscle and show Colorado’s high peaks that Blunt Force is king.


This 30-minute gut-wrenching session is a down-and-dirty way to get lean, build strength and ground your power. Before a workout or by itself, CORE does a body good.


Tighten your tush, lean up your legs, and torch calories with our 30-minute class that focuses primarily of your lower half. No ifs ands or butts about it, this ain’t your average booty call.


This 50-minute session will have you eating bullets in your bread. Led by 5280 Magazine’s 2013 Top of Town Personal Trainer Tiffany Coolidge, these sessions are designed for anyone looking to compete in Crossfit, endurance races, professional fights or train for military, police or fire enlistment. These bootcamp-style classes will test your endurance and strength and luckily we grade on a curve. But for these advanced classes, potential fire breathers must get pre-authorization from a trainer or their mother to participate.


Sometimes road, sometimes trail, the Blunt Force Run Club is sure to get your heart racing and muscles engaged. Typically our runs last about an hour, and are open to anyone with a good pair of shoes and positive attitude. Check online for run times and exact starting locations. Join us as we battle the tough miles together, get cardio-fit, and have fun on our feet.

Best Personal Trainer 5280's Top of the Town 2013 Top 10 Denver's A-List Awards